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top middle bottom location comments
4917a1 4917a1 Bastogne Walnut
8' 4" 57" $7,440.00 3 1/8" 68" 49" 54" b4-5-b6/1




Front of slab


This slab will be a show stopper in any home or office! This Bastogne Walnut is a single, very wide, live edge slab. It has a rich brown heartwood with gorgeous grain pattern and wide contrasting sapedge along both sides and the top. There is a void and area of early decay at the center of the slab that can be filled and stabilized with epoxy or left open. This is a perfect size for a large formal dining room table or company conference tabletop!

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Back of slab


Close-up of slab

Inventory > Bastogne Walnut > item #4917a1