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6508a2 6508a2
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1-3/4" 5' 6" 43" 44" 44" b4-04-b07/4d Bookmatch with 6508a1. Spalting. Note voids, decay, stain, sander skip, and checking.


Number of slabs in the order: 1 2 3 If your order will contain 4 or more slabs, please reach out to a member of our helpful staff for a special quote. Email: or call 413-229-7919 M-F 8am - 4:30 pm Sat. 8 - noon. EST.
Price for this slab: $1,193.00 $1,127.00 $1,087.00

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Front of slab


Can be sold with it's bookmatch for 20% off originial prices!

Price for both 6508a1 and 6508a2: $2,120.00


Back of slab


Bookmatch Mock Photo - Save $266 on the pair!