Inventory - Species:
Guibourtia spp.

DESCRIPTION – Bubinga is found primarily in central Africa, especially Cameroon and the Congo.  Its heartwood is a rich reddish brown color and the sapwood is a paler color.  It has a grain that includes brown stripes.  It can have a very intense figure where the interlocking grain creates a wavy figured.  This figured called “waterfall” is full of motion and is truly impressive.


PROPERTIES – It is .a very hard, strong wood.  Bubinga should be dried slowly to prevent defects.  It works well with both hand and machine tools.  It can be sawn easily and finishes well.


USES – Since Bubinga is so wide and hard it is very popular for high end table and bar tops. It is also used for turnings, instrument wood, flooring and veneer.



Bubinga trees grow over 100’ tall and over 4’ in diameter. We stock regular square edge Bubinga in 8/4 thicknesses and natural edge slabs  in thicknesses from 4/4 to 16/4 and up to 50” wide.


To view available slabs listed in our website inventory. click on a desired thickness listed in the chart to the right. Keep in mind we only have about 1/10th of our inventory listed online, so feel free to reach out to a member of our sales team for more assistance in your search:



Available in:
4/4 or thinner 5/4 8/4 12/4
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