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Gabon Ebony
Diospyros crassiflora
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Origin: Gabon Ebony is found in Western Africa, also commonly referred to as Gaboon Ebony, African Ebony, or Nigerian Ebony.

Color: The heartwood of Gabon Ebony is usually black, occasionally found with gray-brown streaking and the sapwood is a clearly defined off white to tan color. The grain is generally straight and tight. Gabon Ebony is known to be one of the purest black woods and is highly sought after. This species is often hard to find because it grows in areas of the jungle that are difficult to navigate and harvest.

Janka Hardness: 3080 (very hard)

Decay & Weather Resistance: Gabon Ebony is rated as very durable and resistant to insects and termites.

Workability: Gabon Ebony is a very dense wood and is known to be difficult to work with. It does finish well and polishes to a smooth sheen.

Uses: Gabon Ebony is often found in smaller dimensions due to the small diameter of mature trees and harvesters must carry out the logs themselves from the remote jungle areas. Therefore, it is mainly used as an instrument wood or for carvings and small ornamental projects.

Ebony, Gabon

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