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Pau Rosa
Bobgunnia fistuloides

Origin: Pau Rosa is grown in Eastern and Central Africa. 

Color: Heartwood tends to vary in color from a pinkish yellow to a dark reddish brown. Dark brown streaks are common in this species. The sapwood is a white to pale yellow color in contrast to the heartwood. The color of Pau Rosa tends to darken with age. 

Janka Hardness: 2940 (very hard)

Decay and Weather Resistance: Rated as very durable in regard to decay resistance and resistant to fungi and insect attacks.

Workability: This very heavy, hard wood works well with power tools. Nailing and screwing may require pre-boring. It will turn, glue, and finish well.

Uses: Veneer, carvings, turned objects, and high end furniture.

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Pau Rosa
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