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Berkshire Products Live Edge Wood Slab Inventory

We understand that customers expect the best, and balancing quality and convenience is no easy feat. That’s why at Berkshire Products, we take our time with the drying process. We allow the lumber to air dry up to a maximum of 3 years (until they reach 20% moisture content) before the wood is sent to our custom designed vacuum kilns to finish the process.

Berkshire Products provides customers with high quality, sanded, and cleaned live edge wood slabs that are ready to use. We go the extra mile to ensure our slabs look their best after drying, by sanding them flat and cleaning both faces. This benefits customers by giving them a better appearance, so they know exactly what they’re purchasing, and also saves them both time and money by cutting out the need for additional surface preparation.

With our expertise, we can arrange for the safe and secure shipment of each product within the lower 48 states. To make sure that your order arrives safely and intact, each of our large wood slabs is wrapped in plastic and packed in our custom built, fully enclosed, wooden crates before they are shipped via freight carrier.

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