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Logs Wanted:
Very large Claro Walnut and Big Leaf Maple logs on the back of a delivery truck
Nice load of Claro Walnut logs and Big Leaf Maple burls.

Attention Loggers and Landscapers!

We buy large, unique logs!

Please complete this form and send with photos to:

Generally we are looking for:

  • Logs that are at least 45" in diameter on the small end (inside the bark) - Click Here for instructions on how we measure a log or standing tree.
  • Hour glass shaped logs must measure at least 45" at the smallest point.
  • Burls that are 300 lbs and bigger.
  • Burly logs (cluster logs).
  • Highly figured logs that are 12" minimum diameter at the small end.
  • All logs must be free of shake, spider cracks, excessive spiral grain, rot, splits etc. and be suitable for making wide natural edge lumber.
  • If the logs are a full tractor trailer load we can arrange trucking, but the seller must be able to load the truck. For logs that are less than a full tractor trailer load, the seller is responsible for making trucking arrangements and loading the truck.
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