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Our Ash Inventory

We have over 50 Ash slabs in stock online in sizes that usually range:

  • Up to 48" wide
  • Up to 12' long
  • Up to 8" thick

Origin of Ash:

Ash is native to eastern North America and can be found primarily in hardwood forests from Nova Scotia, west to Minnesota, south to Florida and Eastern Texas.


Ash is a heavy wood with an average kiln dried weight of 3.4 lbs. per board foot. It is strong and stiff, and has good shock resistance. The wood of white ash is noted for its excellent bending qualities. It is fairly easy to work with and glues and finishes well.


The use of ash that dwarfs all others is its utilization for handles. The wood is also used in the manufacture of furniture, where it is especially valuable for the bent part of chairs. Ash is used almost exclusively for many types of sports and athletic equipment, such as long oars and baseball bats. Ash can also be stained to look like oak and is then often called honey oak


The sapwood of Ash is a creamy white to light brown color. The heartwood is brown to dark brown in color, sometimes with a nice color variation.

Janka Hardness:

1320 (medium) Similiar to Oak.

Decay and Weather Resistance:

The heartwood of Ash is rated as only slightly durable with regard to decay and is not resistant to insect attack.


We are one of the biggest and oldest suppliers of large natural live edge wood slabs in the country

We have over 10,000 kiln dried live edge slabs in stock with nearly 50 species to choose from. In our inventory we have slabs up to 75" wide, up to 20' long, and up to 8" thick.

If you can't find what you need online, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for assistance in your search.

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