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Our Jatoba Inventory

We have over Jatoba slabs in stock online in sizes that usually range:

  • Up to 33" wide
  • Up to 9' long
  • Up to 2" thick

Origin: Jatoba, also known as Brazilian Cherry, is found in southern Mexico, Central America, West Indies, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil.

Color: The heartwood is a red-orange color when freshly cut; when seasoned the color darkens and often has dark stripes. The sapwood is light gray, sometimes with a pink hue, and can be wide and clearly defined.

Janka Hardness: 2690 (hard)

Decay and Weather Resistance: Jatoba is rated as very durable and rot resistant. It is known to be resistant to termites and most insects.

Workability: Because Jatoba has a high density, it is can be difficult to work with and plane. It holds nails and screws well, but you may need to pre-bore the holes. It will glue, stain, turn, and finish well.

Uses: Because of its color and durability, Jatoba is popular for flooring. It is also a good choice for turning, fine furniture, and cabinetry.


We are one of the biggest and oldest suppliers of large natural live edge wood slabs in the country.

We have over 10,000 kiln dried live edge slabs in stock with nearly 50 species to choose from. In our inventory we have slabs up to 75" wide, up to 20' long, and up to 8" thick.


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