Inventory - Species:
sequoia sempervirens

Origin: Redwood is found in the Coastal Northwestern United States from Southwestern Oregon to Central California.

Color: The heartwood ranges from a pinkish-brown to a deeper red-brown. The sapwood is pale white to tan. The heartwood of old growth wood is much darker and denser with less sapwood. New growth can be found with beautiful figure like curly, quilted, burly, or lace.

Janka Hardness: 450 (soft)

Decay and Weather Resistance: The heartwood of Redwood is highly decay and pest resistant. Old Growth is rated much better than New Growth in both categories. However, the sapwood of both Old and New Growth Redwood has little to no decay resistance.

Workability: Redwood is considered a lightweight and stable wood that is easy to work with by hand tools or machinery. It glues and finishes well.

Uses: Redwood is best known for its use as external construction, decking, hot tubs, etc. Large slabs are often used for table tops.

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